Speaker event 1 at CGSpeaker event 2 at CGLecture SeriesSpeaker event 3 at CG Exhibition at xxxxxxxExhibition at xxxxxxxArt InstallationArt TrailKALA POLA 2018
15th October 15th November Uni A –10th November Uni B – 20th November Uni C – 5th December 3rd December 2017 7th December 2017 10th -13th January 2018 15th December – 15th February 2018 24th – 28th January 2018 28th January 2018
  • Art Trail – More details will be available soon
       A walking tour of art at the most artistic and cultural venues in Galle
  • Lecture Series at Universities - More details will be available soon
       A series of lectures with renowned artists, curators, art collectors or art enthusiasts to be arrange at universities, particularly for students reading degrees in the visual and performing arts with support from Jagath Ravindra.
  • Speakers Events at Cinnamon City Hotels – More details will be available soon
       A series of talk with renowned artists and art-enthusiasts will also be organized for the general public at Cinnamon city hotels.
  • Exhibitions – More details will be available soon
       Partnering with cultural institutes (British Council, Goethe institute, Alliance Francaise, etc...) to showcase Sri Lankan art inspired by those cultures. Art exhibition to be tied up with the hotel based lecture series if possible.
  • Installation Art at roundabouts
       We have commissioned an artist to develop a thought-provoking piece of art to display publicly on the roads at xxxxxxxxxxxx , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , xxxxxxxxxx. This will be displayed from 15th December – 15th March 2018